More than just a delay, it seems...

Back in 2010 I thought that the birth of my first son, Scott, would be just a small blip in my journey into robotics but, looking back, it seems to have been the end of that chapter. Of course, raising children takes time, and Scott was just the first; he was followed shortly after by Max and if I thought assembly and robotics was complex to learn it’s nothing compared to raising kids! :)

At the time, I was also looking to learn something new to play around with that was separate from my work. I was expecting to have to go and get a ‘real’ job and my INTJ personality type needed some reassurance that when I was working for a company that would want to own all of my programming output I’d have something I could do that wasn’t in any way related to something they’d want. Seems silly now.

I never did need to get a real job back in 2010 and have continued with my consultancy business. The assembly stuff was fun and I’d love to get back to it, but now I seem to be spending most of my spare time painting Warhammer figures for my boys (and myself) and then battling it out with them on the tabletop.

I’m in the process of moving my websites from Movable Type to Hugo and this site, being my smallest, was first to be done… I expect that eventually these articles will get merged into my main blog over at but hopefully I’ll put some re-directs in place for a while for the tiny number of people that find this stuff useful.

Thank you for reading.